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After School Activities

West End Day School’s after school program provides students with an opportunity to gain knowledge in areas not offered during the academic school day. It’s also a time for them to interact with friends in a more informal setting. Every year, new programs are developed in response to the changing needs and desires of our students. A wide range of courses are offered to provide a variety of options, such as art, instrumental music, cooking, drama, homework helper, tap dance, and community club. Most courses are taught by West End Day staff, yet we also invite outside professionals to teach classes with the support of our full-time staff. “Super Soccer Stars,” where kids learn to dribble, kick and score, and “Mohr’ Explorer’s,” where students explore Central Park throughout the seasons, and Art-n-Orbit, wherein students experiment with concepts in science through art activities, are all popular after school choices. We are always adding and enhancing our after school program to make it a dynamic extension of the school day. 

Additional Enrichment Classes:

In addition to our after school activities, West End Day offers Enrichment Classes that are held during the school day. These classes help students expand their knowledge or enhance their budding talents. One of our enriching activities is chess, which is taught by a chess expert. We have found that our students are becoming skilled players quite quickly. Another option we offer is yoga. Our students really enjoy the quiet and peaceful time at the end of the day. The enrichment program is flexible and we often add classes throughout the year based on what our students are asking for.