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Our Unique Approach

Children with learning and social issues are often denied the elemental feelings of success that accomplishment brings. At West End Day, each family is designated a licensed social worker who is dedicated to helping that child feel stronger. We start by forming a close partnership with each child, so they know they have an adult they can turn to and bond with. At the same time, their parents know they have a partner with whom they can review and discuss their children's progress. 

Our social workers provide guidance and strategies both individually and in small group sessions. And they work together with a licensed team of professionals in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, speech and language pathology, and occupational therapy to gain a better understanding of how best to address the total needs and interests of each student. 

We find that when children are part of their treatment from the start, they respond to being involved and work towards taking steps forward. At West End Day, children are encouraged to clarify and make positive choices for themselves and their peers from the moment they enter our classrooms and join different group activities. And whenever possible, goals are created to make use of their personal strengths and abilities.