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Supplemental and Enrichment Curriculum

Physical Education: Our physical education program provides students with the opportunity to develop sensory motor skills, social independence and problem solving skills. A balance of individual and group initiatives encourage motivation and foster positive self-image, helping to achieve both self and teacher directed goals. Our program offers experiences that are developmentally appropriate and challenging, but they also offer the necessary support that our students need to promote their self-esteem, confidence and sense of responsibility. Fundamental concepts emphasized are: development of essential motor skills, hand/eye and eye/foot coordination, high and low organization to increase visual motor perception, cooperative learning games and tasks, awareness of the benefits of physical activity and cooperative/problem-solving activities.

Art: Our Art program is designed to provide students with fun, imaginative and challenging projects, which integrate curriculum themes being taught in the classroom. These art projects introduce students to a variety of art making materials, such as oil painting, pastel drawings, collage, sculpture and printmaking. In addition to individual art projects, students will be engaged in occasional collaborative class projects designed to foster socialization and cooperative skills. Throughout the year students will have opportunities to discuss and analyze well-known Artists including Vincent Van Gogh, Mark Rothko, Paul Cezanne, Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollack. Students show off their individual and group projects at our annual Art Show. 

Music: Students explore the basic elements of music including tempo, rhythm, harmony, volume, listening skills and instrument playing. Students have the opportunity to explore many different genres of music by listening and performing. Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to shine in front of their peers and families in various events including our Winter Sing and our June Show. They even have the chance to create some of their own original music. Students who are interested are encouraged to join West End Day School’s chorus that meets once a week to practice and is also featured in our various shows throughout the year.