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Relationships Matter

Relationships are the backbone of every child’s development and this is especially true in a school setting. At West End Day School, we understand that children thrive when they feel connected to and understood by school faculty. Throughout our program, we focus on connecting with our children; helping them engage and expand the orbit of relationships around them; and overall, encouraging them to become stronger members of their community.

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Learning is Customized

We believe that learning should not be a “one size fits all” model. Learning should be personal. This means we develop a rich picture of a child’s learning profiles, strengths, needs, and interests; and consider all aspects related to their inner lives that makes each one of them an individual. Behind every lesson, activity, and event is our dedicated team planning how each child will learn and achieve their goals in their best possible way.

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Parents are Key Partners

Throughout the elementary school years, parents remain the most important adults in children’s lives. Our parents have the unique experience of being an active part of the team. We invite parents in to meet with our counselors and “together we” come up with mutually agreed upon goals. Parents can also seek help with home struggles, as we feel strongly that home and school shouldn’t be separated. We find that our students thrive when they are getting the same input from home and school (and so do our faculty and parents!)

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Children are Understood

We have been empowering children for over 35 years and what is central to our mission is appreciating that all behavior has meaning. When children are struggling, our priority is to understand the reason for their difficulties. We understand that children cannot always communicate their complex ideas and feelings, and our team of experts are dedicated to helping translate their actions. When this happens and our students feel understood, the leaps and gains they make—both academically and socially—are remarkable. 

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We Solve Problems TOGETHER

The ongoing partnership between children, faculty, and parents enables us to identify worries. In our safe, nurturing environment, we reinforce that problems are part of life and everyone has a role in identifying them. Although solutions may not be immediately obvious, we believe the key to trying to find the best solution lies in the partnership between children, faculty, and their parents. Our program allows brainstorming to be thoughtful and open-minded and addresses not only the problem, but the children’s feelings.

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Student and faculty member working together inside West End Day School, a special education school in NYC.

Dedicated to Social-Emotional Learning

Supporting students and families on a deeper level

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Student and faculty member working together inside West End Day School, a NYC school for special education.

Focused on Executive Functioning

Setting our students up for success

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Faculty member and student sitting together inside West End Day School, a special education school in NYC.

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