A Message From Our Head of School

A home away from home.For more than 35 years, West End Day School has been a second home to students, families, and faculty. I have been fortunate enough to call it my second home for almost two decades. While we’ve certainly evolved and grown over time, our principles hold fast - we provide a safe haven for learning and apply a social-emotional lens to our academic program.

An academic program built both on individuality and a sense of community.

Our curriculum is anything but one-size-fits-all. It’s customized and crafted to address individual learning styles. When you couple this approach with a nurturing educational environment, you can challenge children in new ways - ultimately helping them to see a new side of themselves and their abilities. Being a successful West End Day School student means not only being an engaged learner, but also being a productive member of the community. Having a greater understanding of the bigger picture - and their ability to impact it - is a huge part of what West End Day School strives to teach every student.

Rooted in strong relationships.We deeply value the relationships we have with our students, parents, and each other. This strong sense of connection is reinforced throughout every aspect of our program. One of my biggest joys in our everyday mission is our inclusion of parents. We all know that when a child is struggling, it is the parents who will suffer most. Here, parents are seen as vital team members. We make sure we have the resources and staffing to invite parents in, keep the communication open, and offer them our team of experts - all to ensure they’re given the support they need to help their children succeed.

The right environment can make all the difference. 

Visitors that walk through our halls, speak about the brightness and positive energy that permeates throughout the building. It exudes from our faculty, our students, and our space. That feeling is further proof that we are much More Than A School. We are also whole-heartedly invested in making school a happy place,  where we often laugh and have fun learning. I invite you to come see the magic of what makes us - us - for yourself.


Carrie Catapano
Head of School