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Let's Get To Know Each Other

  • In-person Open Houses will start in mid-October. These open houses are small gatherings, allowing an opportunity for you to fully experience WEDS. 
  • For those who would prefer a virtual option, please feel free to contact the Admissions Office to schedule an information session. These sessions provide a full overview of our program.

To sign up for an open house or receive information, please contact our Admissions Head, Jennifer Greene Susser, by emailing or calling (212) 873-5708 ext. 303.

Experience Weds

Facility Highlights

Science and Art Center

Our Science and Art Center allows our students to work with innovative materials, hands-on experiments, and display their work. 


Our Library is an inviting space and houses over 4,000 books. Students visit frequently and can quietly read or work in small groups on projects.

Technology Lab

Students interact with various digital tools and applications including programming,  engineering, and more! 


Our garden is a serene area where our students can sit and read, participate in cooperative play and enjoy some fresh air. 


Our roof gives our students the opportunity to get some fresh air while participating in cooperative play.


Our gym transformation will begin this summer! We will be renovating the entire space and enhancing technology of the performance area.