Our alumni have a special place at WEDS and are important and valued members of our community.

Their continued growth and success is a testament to - and a celebration of - West End Day School’s mission. We strive to be a part of the children's and their families' lives well beyond their time here at West End Day School. Each year, we organize events like our Alumni Family Game Night and our Alumni Parent Cocktail Party, as well as publish an Annual Alumni Spotlight Newsletter. We invite all alumni and their families to return to WEDS to visit anytime, and to keep us up to date on what is happening in their lives.


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Are you a WEDS Alum with a college milestone, job promotion, marriage, or other accomplishments to share?

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Alumni Updates

Alumni Visits

We love when our alumni come back for a visit! Thalia, we’re so happy to hear that you are applying what you learned in your time at WEDS at your new school, Winston Prep. Come back soon...we missed you!

Making Your Voice Heard

We are so proud to see a special alumni making an impact at the polls and carrying out WEDS values of supporting democracy. Congratulation, Siena, on your 18th birthday and voting in your first presidential election!