After School & Elective Programs

Our after-school and in-school elective programs allow our students to foster new interests and skills, as well as socialize with their schoolmates and participate in a variety of hands-on activities in a comfortable and safe environment.

In-School Elective Programs

Our in-school elective programs take place during a non-academic period during the school day, giving students opportunities for additional physical education, or to learn chess, or even practice meditation. 

After-School Programs

Our after-school programming provides students with additional athletic and curricular opportunities within the structure and support that is unique to West End Day School. We hone in on students’ individual interests by choosing activities that encourage their curiosities, such as exploring physical science through Lego Physics Lab, participating in cooking classes, or exploring Central Park with Mohr’s Explorers. A West End Day School staff member is always present during our after-school programs, and classes are taught by outside experts or a member of the WEDS team.

Tutoring services are also available after school with highly-trained, professional staff members. Our tutoring program specializes in individualized instruction for students using multi-sensory teaching methods in any and all subject areas.