Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)

Our Values

West End Day School knows the importance of growth. We foster it in our students and inspire it within our staff; and in the past year we have realized the importance of examining our own growth and how we need to play a bigger role in addressing the long-standing racial inequities in our society. West End Day School began this important work by reflecting on what was missing from our Mission from a Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and Belonging standpoint.  

Our first responsibility was to make Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and Belonging a more central part of both our mission and curriculum. We began by incorporating Pollyanna, a Racial Literacy Curriculum, into our school. We chose Pollyanna as our guiding light, as its main Mission - developing stronger communities - is aligned with West End Day School’s own Mission. This Racial Literacy Curriculum addresses challenges through deep conversations and promotes the understanding that racial, socioeconomic, religious, and sexual diversity enhances all elements of our schools. It gives our teachers a jumping off point for how to look at our curriculum through a different lens.

Our Action Plan

Emma Yovanoff, supervising social worker and now DEIB Leader, leads our staff in an effort to continue the drive and necessity to more directly discuss racism, equality and justice in our school. The DEIB task force meets regularly to discuss and put into action the development of an anti-racist curriculum, further develop our own relationship to race, and continue to educate ourselves and our students.

See What We're Doing

Celebrating Diwali

Diwali was a school-wide celebration this fall, with activities, lessons, and decor throughout the building!

We Say Gay

As educators, it is our duty and commitment to always provide a safe space where students feel they can be open about their own self-expression and feel affirmed & supported within their identities. A school must be a place where children can feel safe, explore, and grow. Read about West End Day School's message in response to the Parent Rights in Education Bill passing in the Florida Senate.

Belonging at WEDS

The Addition of “B” to the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Pillar of Our Program

Toffee and Sand...Just to Name a Few

"Why do we call skin white when it's not the same color as paper" and "that's not really black, it's a shade of brown". See how these comments and questions came up in Social Justice class. 

Pollyanna Racial Literacy Curriculum Parent/Guardian Companion Guide

This Parent/Guardian Companion Guide provides an overview of each unit featured in the curriculum and recommends questions and conversation starters to help you and your child discuss race, culture, and identity at home. It also provides suggestions for reading and viewing material to enhance racial literacy.