Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)

Our Values

West End Day School knows the importance of growth. We foster it in our students and inspire it within our staff. Several years ago we realized the importance of examining our own growth and how we need to play a bigger role in addressing the long-standing racial inequities in our society. West End Day School began this important work of incorporating teachings, conversations, and celebrations that highlight and bring to the front those who have been marginalized, overlooked, and historically left out of curriculum. Our goal was set to have all of our students see themselves when they walk through our doors in the books they read, the lessons they learn, and the faces they see.

This goal is an ongoing and never ending mission and has been supported by a number of implementations including making Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and Belonging a more central part of both our Mission and curriculum. As a school, we use PollyannaRacial Literacy Curriculum. We chose Pollyanna as our guiding source, as its main mission, developing stronger communities, is aligned with West End Day School’s own Mission. This Racial Literacy Curriculum addresses challenges through deep conversations and promotes the understanding that racial, socio-economic, religious, and gender/sexual diversity enhances all elements of our school. It gives our teachers a jumping off point for how to look at our curriculum through a different lens.

We continue to work tirelessly to update and expand our current academic curriculum to more accurately depict history and bring forth stories from all points of view. Our library is ever expanding with books that highlight and feature main characters of various races, religions, and the LGBTQ+ community. But our greatest resource is our community and we invite and look forward to engaging with you to further and enhance our DEIB goals. Our DEIB Leader, Emma Yovanoff, is always available and eager to connect with our community members. 

Our Action Plan

Emma Yovanoff, Supervising Social Worker and DEIB Leader, leads our staff in an effort to continue the drive and necessity to more directly discuss racism, equality, and justice in our school. The DEIB task force meets regularly to discuss and put into action the development of an anti-racist curriculum, further develop our own relationship to race, and continue to educate ourselves and our students.

See What We're Doing

Empowering Dreams: A Reflection on MLK Day at WEDS

To celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., our students engaged in an array of classroom experiences that showcased the enduring relevance of his teachings, inspiring our children to dream boldly and contribute to a world of equality and justice!

Hispanic Heritage Month: Embracing Diversity and Culture

Our students delved into a world of rich traditions, exploring Hispanic American accomplishments, creating Mexican Sun Art, and savoring culinary delights rich in Hispanic culture. They discovered a deep array of traditions, customs, and achievements unique to the Hispanic community!

Pollyanna Racial Literacy Curriculum Parent/Guardian Companion Guide

This Parent/Guardian Companion Guide provides an overview of each unit featured in the curriculum and recommends questions and conversation starters to help you and your child discuss race, culture, and identity at home. It also provides suggestions for reading and viewing material to enhance racial literacy.