Building Bridges with Bolivia Walk-a-thon

Our long-term community building project, appropriately named "Building Bridges with Bolivia", had us moving with a purpose on June 2nd. West End Day School hosted a student-only Walk-a-thon to raise awareness and money for the Alalay Foundation. Our students jumped/ran/walked/danced their way around Riverside Park in order to raise funds for these vulnerable children in South America: some of whom we’ve become penpals with.

Thank you for helping us “go the distance” and supporting our initiative. Hundreds of laps completed- each representing dollars raised. And it amounted to over $1,500! We will be fulfilling academic and art supply Wishlists for this Bolivian community of children and adolescents- including paint, paper, brushes, crayons, and more from Blick that have been chosen by these creative students almost 4,000 miles away. We also have preselected books from Barnes and Noble that will support literacy-building and opportunities for learning. With your help, we will also be shipping PPE to keep these at-risk children safe during this global pandemic.

This was a day that celebrated community building and giving back. Our classroom activities further celebrated this Bolivian community and their culture. We got a special glimpse into the world of the children within the Alalay Foundation through personal video messages, most expressing gratitude and love. I think most of our students particularly loved the special keepsake they received; which we hope will be equally enjoyed by the children in Bolivia, as well. This coloring book was a collaborative set of drawing from both communities- brought to life by Mr. Robert!

We can't wait to continue with our efforts to support this community and "build" on our guiding philosophy that relationships matter