There Is No "Race" Chromosome

The Pollyanna Curriculum believes learning about race is essential- and so do we! Our oldest class dove into discussions about how race is believed to be a socially constructed idea, used to justify the exploitation of specific groups of people. Did you know that there is no biological truth to race? This is supported by the fact that we share 99.9% of our DNA, and more often than not there is more genetic variation within a "race" than across "races". Long story short: race isn’t real, but racism is. Let's talk more about it. 

Mr. Afzaal, our Head Teacher for our oldest class, had this to say about the lesson:

"[We looked at images] of recently freed slaves. The students all assumed that these photos had both "white" and "black" people in them. However, both photos depict only people who were identified as black and were enslaved. It was a great illustration of how our assumptions about people's appearance is all it takes to assign race to a human being. We watched Henry Louis Gates discuss the genetic myth of race with a geneticist and I talked about how these human-made divisions allowed Europeans and American colonials to justify the enslavement and exploitation of African and Islander communities."