Specialized Services


Speech and Language


Our speech and language interventions are guided by ongoing communication with each student’s collective West End Day School team.

While every child receives language support within a group setting, our speech and language department determines the need for additional therapy on a student-by-student basis. These interventions can take place in the classroom, in a private office setting, or a combination of the two. Regardless of where they happen, they are flexibly tailored to the learning and social-emotional needs of each child.

We evaluate and treat phonological and articulation disorders, receptive language delays/disorders, and expressive language delays/disorders; we help to strengthen phonemic awareness/early literacy skills, executive functioning skills, pragmatic/social language skills, and written communication skills.




Our Speech-Language Pathologists are utilized in a unique way at West End Day School. They lead whole-group classes, giving them the opportunity to integrate individual goals into the classroom for promoting generalization and carryover.

In Chat Club, our Speech-Language Pathologists develop activities for our youngest learners to strengthen foundational expressive and receptive language skills. The goal is to support learners within the classroom so they can become more confident when socializing with peers.

As they get older, Language Group reinforces oral and written communication skills, fostering greater independence in language-based tasks within the classroom. The curriculum covers figurative language, inferencing, and a variety of writing and research projects based on age and development.

Study Skills teaches our older students strategies that help with planning, organization, and execution of long-term projects. These strategies help children see themselves as learners so they can identify study habits that work best for them - all while addressing how executive function plays a critical role in their ability to be successful members of their classroom community.


Occupational Therapy


As with every specialized service provided at West End Day School, Occupational Therapy is offered to our students in a way that fits their needs.

All students receive it in a group setting within their classrooms, while others benefit from individualized sessions. Our Occupational Therapists will also work 1:1 with students within their classrooms, giving the teachers an opportunity to observe and then carry over the strategies they're being taught. The Occupational Therapists use a multi-sensory approach to address handwriting, attention, and work skills. Handwriting Without Tears, along with other developmentally appropriate supplemental materials, is the engaging program we use to enable children to master print and cursive as a comfortable skill. Other main focuses are fine-motor and visual perceptual skills - both important not only for improving handwriting, but also for building upon skills they use in everyday life. Lastly, students continuously engage in sensory activities that are geared toward developing better self-regulation skills.