Social-Emotional Learning


Counseling Program

Throughout their time at WEDS, each family will work directly with a counselor.

The counselor will serve as the parent(s) point person, acting as their direct and dedicated point of contact. On a day-to-day basis, they will work to support both the student and their family with anything that comes up. When it comes to support for students, the counselor will meet them for talk/play counseling sessions, with the understanding that each student may need more or less time with their counselor depending on their individual needs. Because parents know their child best, the counselor will also have regular meetings with them to better understand the child and their needs, and to engage with and support parents the best way they can.




At WEDS, we are all about looking at the whole child - not just certain aspects of who they are.

This is where our individualized, social-emotional curriculum comes in. Through weekly groups - both class-wide and in small groups - with counselors and speech-language pathologists, we are able to embed a social-emotional approach to learning into our regular weekly curriculum. As students progress, the group’s focus evolves to help navigate the developmental stages the students are in.

Friendship Groups are tailored to our younger learners and are co-led by a counselor and a speech-language pathologist. Through interactive games, discussions, books, and role-playing; Friendship Groups focus on how our students experience peer relations - helping them to build communication and problem-solving skills, and integrate how-to’s of positive social interactions into their everyday lives.  

Games Groups are geared towards students who are 9-12 years of age, when competition - and winning - can take center stage in their emotional world. Led by counselors and teachers, this group is designed to encourage sportsmanship, build a stronger tolerance for win/lose situations, and create a sense of fun during play.

Our oldest students move into Advisory Group, covering topics such as community outreach and preparing to move on to middle school.