Student Life

At West End Day School, building a strong school community is central to our philosophy. 

It starts with our Buddy Program, where volunteers from our older classes work as mentors and teacher helpers in our younger classes. Through this program, we see our older students mature and gain confidence in these leadership roles, while the younger students feel supported and encouraged by the attention they receive from our more experienced students.

During the school year, we enrich the academic curriculum with field trips and all-school assemblies. Field trips expand student knowledge outside of the classroom and all-school events make our greater community even stronger. Assemblies are another opportunity for the entire student body to come together. Through all of these efforts, we focus on taking advantage of the unique cultural and educational resources available in New York City. We also encourage student involvement in all-school events and initiatives through our Student Council. Our Student Council members take the lead in organizing our philanthropy events and more.