Summer Learning Program

Our Summer Learning Program is more than a Summer Camp.

Summer is a time to play, be active, explore, and relax; but some students also need the continuity of educational and social supports throughout the summer months. Our six-week long Summer Learning Program, geared toward 5-9 year olds, balances our academic curriculum with traditional camp activities such as swimming, playing in the park, and going on field trips. Summer is also a time for greater socialization, so we work to help our campers become more confident being active group members. We achieve this by having our counselor and speech-pathologist run their language groups, cooking groups, arts & crafts groups, and social skills groups outdoors; encouraging students to have more fun outside of the classroom—together. Multi-sensory reading, writing, and math groups take place four days per week and are based on learning styles and ability levels. Social studies and/or science is also offered two times per week, with lessons based on our global, nature-based theme.

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