Should Your Child Need Virtual Learning: Tips To Make Being Remote Easier for You and Your Child

We are so fortunate to be open for in-person learning; but one thing we love to do is to plan ahead and problem-solve. Here are some general tips and strategies for our younger learners (and parents!) to help make virtual learning easier, should we have to transition at any point. Keep in mind that a lot of these suggestions can be useful for our older students, as well. 

Keep a Routine and Schedule

  • a visual schedule is a great way for your child to keep track of the day and know what is coming up
  • preview the schedule so your child knows what to expect
  • point out when there will be a break and what you'll be doing on the break (break options) to keep them motivated
  • check off parts of the schedule that have been completed

Find a Good Space

  • a comfortable space that is conducive to doing work- like a desk or a table
  • keep this space consistent
  • have all of the materials that your child will need for the day in this space
  • have your child help create the space

Breaks are Important

  • during break times- try to get your child moving
  • sensory materials- like putty, Playdoh, sand, etc.- can be helpful
  • if your child is feeling fatigued from being on screen, it's okay to turn off the camera and just have them listen
  • if your child is still having difficulty- take a break from the lesson. Have them take a walk, get some water, stretch. Then you can get back on when they're feeling ready

How Should You Be Involved?

  • for our youngest students: please sit with your child to help redirect them from distractions, keep them on track, and to help them avoid tech issues as they arise
  • if students are a little bit older: be around if your child needs help, but also provide space for them to work independently
  • let the teachers be the first to redirect. If they need help, they will ask for it
  • check Google Classroom ahead of time to get any updates and print any worksheets needed that day. If and when possible, you can preview the worksheets with your child, as well.

Check-in with Us

  • If you or your child is struggling with the work or being on screen
  • We are available- teachers, counselors, administration
  • We can help to create a plan to make it easier


Katy Jenkins, MS Ed.

Co-Education Head